Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 1 - Self Portrait

My summer has been a drag so far ever since I came back to Lubbock. I thought I'd pass the time with a 30 day drawing challenge that I found on Google. This is india ink and watercolor on watercolor paper. I'm learning that I don't do so great with watercolor lol. I will probably do one more later on that's more realistic but for now a cartoon will have to do. Also, I don't have a scanner at the moment so I'm having to be ghetto fabulous with my cell phone camera =P


  1. "I don't do well with watercolour" , thisis fabulous:-) TFS

  2. I agree with Karon, you're rockin it out! Love the eyes? Is that how short your hair is now?!

    1. I wish this had a like button lol. And yes, I recently cut it super short. Looks funny on be but the breeze is amazing lol